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Forum Rules

Welcome to our Wigan Parent Carer Forum Online Community! We are keen to provide a positive and friendly space where members can chat to each other and seek advice and support in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

General Rules

Please be respectful towards others.

This respect extends to professionals and services who may work with your family.  The community pages are a good place to discuss  changes to services and their development, but please do not mention any professionals by name in the community pages as this may infringe on their right to privacy.

No use of profanity will be permitted (including masked profanity).  We may edit or remove posts that contain profanity.

Do not post links or content that infringes copyright.

Do not try to attach files or provide links to malicious websites or software.

Anything deemed politically extreme, pornographic, illegal or unsavoury in any way is prohibited.

Posts that are derogatory towards groups of people (e.g. sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia) will not be tolerated, even if they are made in jest.

Comments that promote the use of illicit substances are strictly forbidden.

Do not post content that promotes illegal activities.

Do not attempt to create the impression that you are acting on behalf of the Wigan Parent Carer Forum or its moderators.

Any content that you post is your opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views, values or ethos of the Wigan Parent Carer Forum.  Any opinions expressed in the community pages should not be a substitute for professional, medical or legal advice.

Please report any posts that you think may contradict our policies using the “report” feature and the community moderators will handle these accordingly.

The community moderators may edit or remove any post that they feel is in breach of these rules and in extreme cases, they may decide to ban a user.  Where a user is banned from the community, that person will not attempt to register under a different identity.

Forum etiquette

Search before posting -  Please search the community pages first to see if a question or topic has been raised before.

Think carefully about your subject line – If the subject of your topic gives no clue to its contents, it may be renamed by a moderator.  Bad examples of topics would be “Question” or “Help!”

Try not to write all in capital letters of use lots of TXT abbreviations – Some members may find your topic hard to read and be put off replying.

Disagree with the post, not the poster – It doesn’t matter if you do not agree with another member’s point of view.  It is fine for you to disagree with the subject matter, but you should never personally attack the poster.  Try not to be offended if someone disagrees with your opinion.

Are you posting while angry? – Sometimes, the nature of being a parent carer means that we come across people and situations that can leave us feeling angry or upset.  If you post when you are angry or upset, chances are you might accidentally reveal something personal that you may come to regret – or you may inadvertently post a message which could cause offence to others, be in bad taste, off-topic or inappropriate.

Read other people’s posts carefully – Before you type in a reply to another member’s message, why not read their message through again just to be sure you are reading it in the context it was intended.  It can be easy to take offence at another person’s message, especially if you are unsure exactly how their comment was meant.

Do not use children’s names – If you are discussing something in relation to a child, do not post in a way that reveals their identity.  Instead you should use generic terms such as “they” or “my child.”

Promotion and Advertising

Advertising is not allowed anywhere in the community pages.  The exception to this is where you provide a recommendation or a link to a product or service in the context of supporting another community member and you feel that the product or service may be of benefit to that person.

Links to other websites must be directly relevant to the topic they have been posted in.

The community pages are intended to be used solely by parent carers in Wigan and as such, we may find it necessary to remove any advertising or promotion that appears to originate from a business or service provider

Any links by members that advertise money making scams, pyramid schemes or referral schemes will be removed, and the member may be warned about their actions or banned from the community.

Data Protection

These forum rules should be read in conjunction with the Wigan Parent Carer Forum Privacy Policy.

Please remember that this is a public forum and that any information you post can be accessed by the general public or indexed by search engines such as Google.

Reviewing these rules

These forum rules aim to be as complete as possible but sometimes, a post may not be specifically covered by one of the above rules.  Where a post falls outside of these rules, the community moderators may amend these rules to maintain the overall positive and respectful environment of the community forums. 

If you have any issues with these rules, with any other member or moderator please bring it to the attention of the Community Administrator Lisa Aldred via personal message on this forum. 

We hope you enjoy your time on the forum and stay to become a valued member of our community! 

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