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Statement from Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust  


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09/12/2019 2:41 pm  

Dear Parent Carers, 

Please find below the correspondence we received from Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FoundationTrust. 

The forum asked for a statement in response to the recent concerns a number of parent carers had raised with us regarding paediatric service and issues relating to the Neurodevelopmental Pathway in Wigan Borough. 

The following statement was sent to the forum today: 


6 December 2019



Parent Carer Forum



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Dear Parent Carers,


We recently had a meeting with Lisa Aldred (parent carer forum representative) who raised concerns (on behalf of patients and their families) about community paediatric appointments and general dissatisfaction about the service.  We are sorry to hear that you feel let down by the community paediatric team.


The Trust acknowledges that there are issues with the capacity and availability of community paediatric appointments and it is currently on the Surgical Division’s Risk Register.


In terms of workforce, we have advertised our substantive jobs for community paediatricians on two occasions with no success. This issue with recruitment is recognised not only locally at Wigan but also nationally due to shortage of community paediatricians, long training years and less than full time working, which means the number of community paediatricians making it to the GMC specialist register is very limited.  We have also had a few consultant community paediatricians retiring and another who recently left the Trust.


On the positive side, we have a newly recruited clinical pharmacist, both our new clinical pharmacist and ADHD nurse specialist have enrolled on a course to qualify as non-medical prescribers which will help with ADHD medication review and  follow ups (under supervision of community paediatricians).  We have also secured funding for a neurodevelopmental coordinator (to help with neurodevelopmental pathway), and successfully recruited a Qb coordinator (who undertakes some of the screening and monitoring of ADHD).  With regard to the current two gaps of consultant community paediatricians, we will advertise these jobs shortly again and hopefully we will be successful.


In the meantime, we have an experienced locum consultant paediatrician who is currently employed to work with the community paediatric team and has been with us for some time.  In addition, we are also looking at appointing another locum consultant to fill the gap whilst we recruit in to the substantive post.  Our three acute hybrid paediatricians (consultants doing community and acute paediatrics) are also undertaking clinics in community paediatrics to manage the community caseload. Recently we have managed to successfully interview two more hybrid consultants who will join the team in a few months following completion of the recruitment process.


The Trust has also agreed on a waiting list initiative, which means some additional clinics are being undertaken by our consultants over and above their regular work.  We hope to see an improvement in appointments with the above measures, however changes can take time to have an impact.


We are also currently working closely with the CCG and North West Boroughs to have a more efficient pathway where some of the neurodevelopmental work is shared between the two organisations.  Some of this work has already started with joint triage between community paediatrics, CAHMS and Startwell.  We acknowledge that more work needs to be done with the neurodevelopmental pathway.  With the acquisition of Community Services by WWL and a new operational management led by Mike Chew, along with clinical leadership from Dr Felvira Godinho, we hope to see further improvements.


We take your concerns seriously, and acknowledge that the service does require additional resources and staffing.  We will continue to work with our colleagues from other agencies and NHS Trusts on improving the neurodevelopmental pathway.  We would also want ongoing dialogue to continue with Lisa and our parents/carers as we see you at the heart of our improvement work.


If patients, parents and carers have specific concerns then our The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters and can be contacted on 01942 822376 or email



Kind Regards


Dr Sanjay Arya                                                      Mary Fleming

Medical Director/                                                Chief Operating Officer

Consultant Cardiologist



Original file attached:


Many thanks to WWL for this statement.


Many thanks to those who shared their concerns or contributed to the discussions. Please continue to update us so we can continue to feedback, raise issues, share improvements and work on solutions with WWL. 

If you would like to leave any feedback you are welcome to continue the conversation in our Facebook group here:

or email us at: 

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