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17/06/2018 4:41 pm  

Presentation given by Cath Pealing (Service Manager - Services to Schools) June 2018

Please feel free to leave any comments or quetions in this thread. 

It will be updated with any developments as they arise. 

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16/09/2018 9:19 pm  

Thank you for publishing this power point presentation. I feel like a lot of context has been lost though.

Slide 2

-- as of June 2018, which is when this slide was published, there should be 0 Statements maintained.

Slide 3

1. What things were looked at with the internal audits and what were the results?
2. What is "SEF"?

Slide 4

1. There's no offer of post 16 provision for Home Educated SEN kids outside of what Home Education parents pursued independently of the council.
2. What is "CLA"?
3. While this PowerPoint presentation was published in June, I've noticed on local support boards and among local contacts that social workers have had difficulty in meeting their appointments and perhaps this point needs to be looked at again.
4. The only support services we receive from council is hours for respite. Admittedly, they've gotten good at offering hours for respite. However, there are other items parents have been asking for that have yet to be actioned.
5. Re: Special School Provision, many parents are happy with the Special Schools within borough, however it seemed like an alarming rate of children were having to take places in special schools outside of the borough. I am concerned about capital spending on schools within borough in general and certainly special schools is a subset that needs to be looked at, considering how much more expensive it is to send children out of borough-- which eats into moneys that could be capitalised to expand the borough's current special school places.
5a. In Wigan Central especially where older larger houses are being purchased for the expressed purpose of turning into series of 2-bedroom flats and there are plans for converting office spaces in Wigan Town Centre into homes for starting families and how overwhelmed Wigan Central schools in general have become. This flag needs to be raised. There is not the infrastructure in place to support these plans at present and any infrastructure planning, inclusive to expanding on schools in Wigan Central, has not been communicated to the very active Resident & Community groups.

Slide 6

1. What is meant by 'SEND peer reviews'? Again, bullet points, so context is lost.
2. What is meant by 'Freshlook' -- is that a new initiative, or is that saying that they're looking at Transition again?
3. CAMHS school links/Mental health and emotional well-being... council needs to find a way to make this more cost effective for schools. I was looking at a brochure for autism training in schools offered by the council, which came at a cost of £70-£100 per hour of staff training. Schools are already cut to the limit and I've looked into a couple of offerings from the council and with some of the exorbitant pricing that council sells services to school for, I can understand how its hard for schools to take advantage of these services.
4. When will improved Local Offer website be released?
5. What are the specifics for 'Academic support'?
6. What is 'HFA'? (slide 7 talks about how plans must be 'in their language' and I think council could have done better with her bullet points to speak more plainly rather than carry on with acronyms, to lead by example.)


Slide 7

The point about "Local authorities should be able to demonstrate how they are keeping up with the day job..." -- this is their day job. SEND is not an add-on. It is their statutory duty and I have great concerns that even in this high-level bullet point presentation that SEND is still being treated as 'that extra' that civil servants in the council must do. It strongly implies that SEND is secondary to their mission, when legally it’s at the front of their mission.



@Lisa, you're tops, sorry to be such a grouch!

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