Disability Living Allowance - Length of Award  


Joe Wightman
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21/03/2018 10:06 am  

Hi all,

Whilst having a chat with other parent carers, it seems that people are given DLA awards for varying lengths of time.  Some people get it for as little as one year, whilst others are awarded for a period of 5 years.  I have done some digging to see how the length of award is determined as this is not something that is explained in the DLA award letter.

Medical Guidance for DLA and AA Decision Makers (Child Cases) Staff Guide [PDF]

The document is very lengthy but it acts as an A-Z of medical conditions and for each diagnosis or condition, explains what the decision maker should expect a childs needs to be.  Within this, there seem to be set periods for awarding DLA that are listed in a table for each diagnosis.

I know the document is aimed at DWP staff and isn't really accessible but, if anyone would like any help looking for specific information then let me know in a reply and I will try to help.




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