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22/04/2020 9:56 am  
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Dear all,
Entering week 5 of Lockdown and I hope you are all doing ok.
Here is a round- up of information that has been sent to us in the past week. Don't forget you can contact us on either 0161 998 4667 ( leave a message, it gets emailed to us immediately) or email me<> or<>

Today's email is rather a long one. It contains;
1.Updates on NAS info in the virus ( 1 doc attached)
2. A new resource on wellbeing and Mental health from Wigan Diagnostic team ( 2 docs attached)
3. Some information shared by an autistic adult for other autistic people
4. The expansion of a mental health helpline Kooth for 11-18 year olds in GM ( 2 docs attached)
5. The GM Disabled People's Panel survey
6. Some research by UCL on the impact of this crisis on families and individuals with special needs including autism ( I doc attached)

1.NAS info
Although I have shared this link before lots has been added in the past 3 weeks.

New stuff includes info on

-       Health, wellbeing and mental health (including the updated guidance on going out)
-       Social care
-       Education and school

The NAS will also continue to respond to other Government guidance and changes which continue to happen and are adding in nations-specific information where this is different.

Another focus has been on ensuring that existing resources are refocused to be a support during the pandemic.  Our 'I am autistic< >' card is now downloadable for free and our Health Passport< > (previously Hospital Passport) has been updated to reflect issues around coronavirus and is now editable and printable.

The third focus has been collecting and sharing real stories< > of how autistic people and their families are coping during lockdown.  We will be continuing to add to these, including stories from our own schools and services.

The NAS is also working with government on the problems about getting shopping and are working with DEFRA on this issue alongside other disability charities.

I have also attached a flyer aimed at the various Mutual Aid groups, community groups and Council Hubs on supporting autistic people through this crisis. If any of you are in touch with those groups locally I would be grateful if you could forward this flyer with a note that we would be happy to try and support any of those local groups if they have any questions about supporting autistic people.

2.Great new resources from the Autism Diagnostic Team in Wigan ( North West Boroughs)
Thanks to the Wigan Autism team for sharing these comprehensive resources on looking after your mental health during this crisis. They are attached in this email. They developed this with the support of Experts by Experience.

3.Info shared by autistic people within the consortium
Thanks to Angela for sharing the links below;

GMMH have a very good webpage at: <,1,VwIUds51gkwEdO1BRCjCGFZL2SN5fgXiQ9W4eb5c--c1NuevNlEXOfOnrmonrXECy0-KZj8Gyiee2_BL5P8NnSCLWDr-LYU9rttp1xfQKIgdOMdnMbQ,&typo=1 >
It's got lots of essential support info.

Also, the BBC have a good page at  Coronavirus: What do all the terms mean?
It explains in simple language what each term means to help people understand what's happening in the news.

4.Launch of new mental health service for 11-18 year olds

Kooth, the online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people aged 11 to 18 years has been available in Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Trafford, Rochdale and Wigan for some time.

 It's now available in Bury, Salford, Tameside and Stockport. This expansion was brought forward in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are flyers attached on this service.

This service is not autism specific but we know many autistic young people are under a huge amount of stress at the moment so it's definitely worth checking out.

5.Greater Manchester Disabled People's Panel survey

The above group  is a pan disability group that is an advisory panel to the Mayor Andy Burnham. GMAC is represented on this panel by a member of our GMAC Advisory group for adults They have developed  survey to identify what challenges disabled people may be experiencing within GM in relation to the Covid19 virus. Please fill the survey in and share on your networks. <,1,9IvLZQKeNZ1iudtTRe4HESYTjaG1JZRjt-KN3a8xw0s0NO-9HzhQe5Fg6_HUT5n7FXrd9xNkXZEuiRelNHTTeS5vrgnj45JbguNToP-T3ihOJFKh&typo=1 >

6.COVID 19 related research

Please find attached details about a study from University College London (UCL) and other International institutes. They are investigating how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its political, social and economic repercussions are impacting on individuals with special needs and their families. The researchers have created an online questionnaire aimed at the parents or caregivers of individuals with special needs (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, Williams syndrome, Down syndrome, etc.) that can be filled out conveniently from home in about 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please use this email:<>

Stay Safe,

Mari Saeki

Project Lead,
Greater Manchester Autism Consortium and National Autistic Society,
Room 4.4, Main Building
Empress Business Centre
380, Chester Road
Old Trafford
Manchester M16 9EA
0161 998 4667



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Kooth online counselling now available to all young

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11/05/2020 8:43 pm  

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Dear all,
A couple of weeks ago I shared the information on the Digital Advantage Supported Internship open evening. Below is the film of this evening and a message from Digital Advantage.  They tell me they still have a few places left on this. Please share.

Digital Advantage is proud to partner with The Manchester College to offer a brand new Digital Supported Internships for 16 - 24 year olds with an EHCP. Based in Central Manchester, we will be opening our doors for the first time to support young people with a flair for digital and creative technology to prepare for adulthood and employment.

We hosted an online event recently and have created a film and further information, all of which you can find here: <,1,YT3NptepBkYXEOiEVDW1T_sgqVCGo8XOwtuj9hdKz2amS9M8na5_dCo5eyNZFAlx8vJGon-VmchLvp7ZH8F5DE9A_Rt35E5rMThIuYM5mVxDWXc-dGOqAQg_h9q0&typo=1 >

If you know one or more young people who would benefit from:

  *   1 year of professional agency work experience
  *   The opportunity to work on real life, professional briefs
  *   Ability to build their own portfolio and create freelance working opportunities
  *   Regular encounters and meetings with SEND aware employers
  *   Time off to attend interviews for further employment or higher-level training
  *   Weekly Maths and English/functional skills lessons
  *   Individual pastoral and career coaching support sessions

For more information get in touch with Rav Gehlon<>

Rav Gehlon / Development Manager<>

Federation House
2 Federation Street
Manchester, M4 4BF <,1,tik4PKLTOVrdJWF1OSjGkjQ9n7-gMnDW2f0mdFiMtUn6DQfXHDNwZN9dZ8tHrgg7xMFNpMBkqjv8YzK6jy6cBNMQ-aZY04dGXNFJs9cRKOgaoSGarA,,&typo=1 > / @digivantage< >

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02/09/2020 10:51 am  

Great Manchester Children and Young people Health and Wellbeing 2018 -2022

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Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing resources
The resources hub on is on the website Click or tap to follow the link." href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
Every resource was reviewed by the  Expert Reference Group (GM Resilience Hub) before being included in the relevant pack. Resources are grouped into types e.g. teaching materials, resources for parents etc and are a mixture of information leaflets, short films, advice and guidance, signposting to social prescribing activities etc.
There are three packs: primary, secondary and FE – all packs include SEND specific materials where appropriate. As the situation and related guidance can change rapidly the packs have been produced as interactive PowerPoint decks that sit on the mental health website
  • Primary School Click or tap to follow the link." href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
  • Secondary School Click or tap to follow the link." href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
  • Further Education Click or tap to follow the link." href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
There are also four short films (primary, secondary, SEND and FE) reassuring children & young people and their families & carers about precautions being taken and showing them how the new normal looks. Part of the messaging is about not medicalising normal feelings of anxiety. All films feature children and young people and cover the issues raised by children and young people during the consultation. The films and relevant YouTube links are included in the packs.
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